NAJGA seeks to connect and support individuals, organizations and businesses who enjoy, design, construct, maintain, manage, and study these gardens, both private and public.
We have organized a series of virtual meetings on various topics (please see list below). To participate, simply click on the meeting you’re interested in to be taken to the Zoom registration page. 
Monday, April 27:
Have you converted an in-person event or programs to a virtual format? Are you exploring this for the future? Join this discussion and share the challenges (and successes!) you’ve faced to convert on-site experiences to the virtual realm. We hope this space will offer the opportunity for participants to share what’s worked and what hasn’t, seek advice from one another and brainstorm solutions.  
Tuesday, April 28
How are you leveraging social media and other online platforms to market your garden while it’s closed? How do you keep your audience engaged and expand it to include new people? How do you ensure your garden is near the top of people’s list of places to visit once it is not necessary to “shelter-at home? Join this discussion to hear what others are doing to address these issues and share your own experiences.
Wednesday, April 29
Closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have placed a heavy burden on public gardens that depend on earned-income from admission and other in-person revenue to keep their doors open. How have you addressed this gap in funding? Have you applied for relief funding, approached individual donors or foundations? Are you attempting to leverage other sources of earned income (virtual events, gift shops, restaurants, etc.)? Join this discussion to share your experiences and hear what others are doing to ensure their organizations can weather the storm during COVID-19. 
Almost all public gardens have closed to visitors due to COVID-19, however, the gardens still need to be cared for. How has COVID-19 impacted your work as a horticulture team member? Join this discussion to share your experiences and hear those of others.  
Thursday, April 30 
Many businesses around the country have had to close or change how they operate. Join this discussion and share your experience- how has COVID-19 impacted your business? Have social distancing measures had an impact on your ability to complete projects? Do you anticipate COVID-19 will have a long term impact? We will also discuss how NAJGA can better serve business members. What services and/or opportunities would improve your experience with NAJGA?
Friday, May 1
Since most gardens are closed due to COVID-19, membership is one of a few sources of revenue for many organizations. How has the pandemic impacted your membership program? Are your members still renewing? Are they asking for extensions or have you decided to give them? Since members are not able to visit, what alternatives have you been able to provide for them to engage with your organization? 
Saturday, May 2
Are you a volunteer or docent at a public garden? Since most public gardens are closed around North America, what’s been the impact on you personally? Has your volunteer team continued to connect on virtual platforms like Zoom? How do you continue to build community with your fellow volunteers and support your treasured organizations?
Monday, May 4
Do you manage volunteers or docents at your garden? Have you been able to continue to engage them while your organization is closed? How have you done this? Join other volunteer/docent managers in this discussion and share/hear what’s worked and what hasn’t.
Tuesday, May 5
Do you manage your organization’s education, event, exhibit, membership, marketing, volunteer or visitor experience departments? Join this discussion to hear how others around North America are coping with the challenges their organization’s face as a result of COVID-19. 
Wednesday, May 6
Are you part of your organization’s leadership team? Whether you are a board member or a member of the management team, participate in this conversation with your counterparts around North America to discuss challenges and solutions for ensuring your organization stays afloat during the pandemic. We will begin this discussion by sharing the results of our survey (if you have not completed the survey, click here)
Thursday, May 7
As places for respite and relaxation, Japanese gardens often offer wellness programs. During COVID-19, we’ve observed heroic efforts on behalf of essential workers– from doctors, nurses and first responders to grocery store employees, postal workers and delivery drivers– who continue to work to ensure the rest of us have what we need during these difficult times. NAJGA would like to explore how member gardens can collaborate to offer essential workers wellness programming after the pandemic is contained. If your garden is interested in exploring this collaboration, please join this discussion. Items to be discussed: what would a collaborative effort look like, timing, logistics, publicity, and fundraising so these programs can be offered free of charge to essential workers (i.e. through sponsors, viral fundraising, etc.).
*Please note, the meetings listed above are not intended as instructional webinars. Our goal is to facilitate discussion among people who are facing similar challenges to share ideas and brainstorm solutions.