(SENBAZURU PROJECT from Hakone Estate and Gardens)

During the COVID-19 crises, we are all facing a difficult time, many of us isolated from loved ones and the surrounding community. However, we are not alone in this struggle; we are all separate but together in going through this crisis for the greater good of everyone. In Japanese tradition, people fold Senbazuru, or 1000 origami cranes, when they have a strong wish, they hope to bring into being. These can be folded by one individual or a group who each fold cranes and the final 1000 is brought together collectively.

In either case, while folding, people think about their wish
and imprint their desire on the paper and, hopefully, into reality.
Even in the most dire, stressful, and frightening of times, we all can find strength and unite for a common goal. As we fold, we can concentrate on our hopes and positive spirits as we all persevere through this crisis, separate but together. We hope to find strength and serenity through folding and see the strength of our collective will displayed in the Hakone Estate and Gardens once the storm has passed.

We sincerely thank you for your strength during this time and hope for everyone to come see your cranes at Hakone Estate and Gardens soon to share the joy!How to make origami cranes

Size of paper – any size is OK, but not exceed 8.5in x 8.5in.  If you use around 3”x3” (¼ of regular origami paper*) paper, we will be able to string the crane up in a traditional way.*Regular origami paper is 5.9in X 5.9”Types of paper – any paper is fine (you can use wrapping paper if you do not have origami.)  You can also write a small wish on the wing of the crane!

Content Prepared by:
Chiharu Yabe, Community Education Manager
Please send your cranes to:
P.O. BOX 2324,
Saratoga, CA 95070

If you are able, please enclose a donation to support
Hakone Estate and Gardens with your crane.