Date Created: 2015
Designer: Lee Schneller Fine Gardens
Builder: Lee Schneller Fine Gardens
Days Open: Private garden
Hours: n/a
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Beautiful stones
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Garden Description:

This private garden in Rockport, Maine was designed in a style favored by Japanese warlords of 16th century Japan (Momoyama Period).  Perched atop a ledge plateau, this project required all materials to be hoisted up and moved with tripods into position. An existing conventional pond was dismantled first. Gorgeous rocks with a fragile, ribbon-like figure were discovered nearby in the woods and incorporated into the pond.  The pond was made to look erratic, cupped in the embrace of the surrounding limestone ledge.

These photos show the pond being sculpted and leveled with several shelf-like layers that will hold stones and plants once the liner is in place.  A heavy duty tripod and chain hoist were used to lift and gradually “walk” the stones into position before the rubber pond liner is installed.  Boards and roller rails are employed to create temporary paths to the stone’s ultimate locations.  The many views of the garden must be considered when designing and positioning garden elements, not just a single view.


Lee Schneller is owner of Lee Schneller Fine Gardens, specializing in designing and building Japanese-inspired, naturalistic and continuously blooming perennial gardens.Lee has been an ESL teacher (Sendai & Tokyo), Japanese translator, editor, technical writer, and has designed and built over 250 gardens.  See more of her work at Lee Schneller Fine Gardens

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