Japanese Gardening & Related Links



The Japanese Garden – excellent photographs and information on the gardens of Kyoto, Japanese garden elements, and a list of recommended publications.

JGarden: the Japanese Garden Database – a resource on Japanese gardens worldwide including articles, books, designers, suppliers, events calendar, glossary, and historical timeline.

Soul of the Garden: Images of Japan inspired by haiku, this is a beautiful pictorial tribute to gardens of Japan.

Artserve – information on Art and Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin, Japan, India and Cambodia. The Japan section features photograph from gardens and temples around Japan. Australian National University.

Kumamoto En – built in partnership with the City of San Antonio and sister city, Kumamoto, Japan. This site offers photos and descriptions of many Japanese garden elements along with the names in English and Japanese.

NAJGA – Since 2011, the North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) has been promoting the welfare of these gardens and the people who love and care for them through education and advocacy.

Real Japanese Gardens – a site offering Japanese gardening information, a database of many gardens in Japan, and e-books on individual gardens and Japanese gardening subjects.


Niwa The International Japanese Garden Association offers subscriptions to Niwa Magazine, acknowledged as the leading magazine of Japanese gardening in the world. Printed in Japanese with some English.

Journal of Japanese Gardening is a bi-monthly publication with regular features on pruning, garden elements, book reviews, and how-to’s. Printed in English.

JAPANESE LANGUAGE: In addition to an impressive list of learning tools, Yookoso offers “Grammar a Day” and “Kanji a Day” emailed directly to you.


Chaji – A Formal Tea Ceremony a five-part description of a formal tea ceremony with photos and definitions by Elliot Mitchnick, Junkyoju (Associate Professorship) of Urasenke.

Japanese Tea Culture from Omotesenke’s Fushin’an explains Rikyu’s Chanoyu and it lineage, the traditions of Chanoyu, its forms and behavior. The Tea Room and Tea Garden are also covered.

Psychological Aspects of the Way of Tea by Dr. Shiela Fling in the 1998 Japan Studies Association Journal. This article explores the psychological and social aspects of many elements of the Way of Tea.

Cha-No-Yu: Tea Cult of Japan by Yasunoke Fukukita for the Japanese Government Railways Board of Tourist Industry in 1937. It offers a primer in tea for the tourist in Japan.



Japanese Stone Markers A to Z Photo Dictionary including lanterns, basins, markers, statues, and rock gardens. It is also an excellent resource on Buddhism and related subjects.

Japanese American National Museum of Japanese American history and culture has an especially interesting exhibit on line called Landscaping America, Beyond the Japanese Garden.

Japan National Tourist Organization provides an overview and general information on Japanese life and culture.

Japanese Traditional Crafts an English version of its Nihon Dento Kogei Kansho no Tebiki (Handbook for the Appreciation of Japanese Traditional Crafts) by The Japan Crafts Association (Nihon Kogeikai).

Nipponia – a quarterly web magazine designed to introduce Japan to the world audience. it has sections and articles on living in Japan including art, culture, travel, customs and nature.

Kyoto National Museum – Dictionary for Kids short tour of the museum exhibits providing an overview of many cultural subjects.

JAANUS – Japanese Architecture & Art Net User System is a fantastic on-line Dictionary of Japanese Architectural and
Art Historical Terminology, including many definitions of Japanese garden terms and elements.



Must Love Japan is an Enlgish-based website providing a video travel guide of Japan.