Created: November, 1999
Days Open: daily
Hours Open: 10am - 6pm
Entry or Parking Fees: free
Garden Phone: 1 800 621 614


As with most Japanese Gardens, the Osawano Japanese Gardens provide a tranquil, peaceful retreat ideal for contemplation and relaxation.  However, these gardens at Wellington have something unique that you won’t find in many or any other Japanese Gardens.  The Wellington-Osawano Japanese Gardens can be booked for functions and weddings.


Garden Features:

There are 1,500 individual plant specimens within the gardens comprising 126 different species. The garden is designed to give spring cherry blossom colour, autumn leaf colour and provide shade during the summer months with a most impressive blend of exotic and Australian plants.  In the centre of the gardens there is a beautiful big Aussie gum tree.

A central feature is the man-made mountain.  From this mountain water cascades down via a stream of ponds then winds its way under several bridges to a reflection pool over which sits a water pavilion.  A striking 4.5 meter stone lantern tower was a donation from firms in Osawano.

Garden History:

The gardens were constructed between February and November 1999. The funding for the project was a gift donated by Osawano Town Council, the design and construction of the gardens was undertaken by Wellington Council. The gardens were officially opened by the Mayor of Osawano Maachi, Mr Tadao Nakasai on 21 November 1999 in conjunction with Wellington Mayor, Mark Griggs.