Created: April 10, 1988
Built by: City of Koshigaya, Japan
Days Open: Mon - Sun
Hours Open: 10 am - 4 pm. Closed some public holidays
Entry or Parking Fees:
Garden Phone: (02) 4645 4100



The Campbelltown Japanese Gardens celebrate the sister city relationship between Campbelltown and Koshigaya. The gardens were presented to Campbelltown by the citizens of Koshigaya on 10 April, 1988.  The Gardens symbolise the beliefs and religion of both Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan, and Zen Buddhism.

Campbelltown Japanese Gardens

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Garden Features:

The Campbelltown Japanese Gardens feature a traditional waterfall, koi pond, timber bridge, stonework pathways, flourishing plants and a 16th Century designed teahouse, hand crafted by Japanese craftsmen. The aim of the garden is to obtain quiet solitude. The design represents elegant simplicity, leading to contemplation and heightened awareness.

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