From the website:  A military history museum like ours, by its nature, brings to mind violence, destruction and loss — the price of freedom paid with human life. There is respite from the intensity, a tranquil oasis for solace and reflection. This is the Japanese Garden of Peace, a gift from the military leaders of Japan to the people of the United States, in honor of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

As you enter the garden you will see a replica of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Marshal-Admiral Togo’s garden meditation study. It was built in Japan, disassembled and shipped to Fredericksburg, where it was reassembled (without nails) by the same craftsmen who created it in Japan.

Many of the elements in this classic Japanese garden are symbolic: the black and white stones in front of the study represent the balance of nature — yin and yang. The raked gravel symbolizes ocean waves where stones and plantings stand in for Pacific islands. The flowing stream tells the story of a single raindrop returning to the ocean. We invite you to stop and rest and “visit with the stones.”