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Do you have the right garden for your region? April Webinar

Zoom CA

Do you have the right garden for your region?  How do you create a garden that is appropriate for your region, one that is easier and cheaper to maintain because the plant palette is appropriate for your location? This webinar will be moderated by Dr. Kendall Brown and will include panelists from each of our […]

6th International Japanese Garden Conference

Check out our conference website for more details on this can't miss event! It's the largest convening of Japanese garden professionals and enthusiasts outside of Japan.

Pruning with Design Intent with Maryann Lewis

Maryann Lewis's Journal article in the latest NAJGA Journal (#10) will be our jumping off point for exploring examples of a five year plan on three different trees. We will review the strategy behind the different types of pruning cuts and answer questions along the way. This Zoom webinar is free for NAJGA members and […]