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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

9-10:15am: Opening Plenary

Session (A): Adaptability & Sustainability in Action 
Ken Brown: Adaptability in Action- A Japanese Garden in San Diego
Luanne Kanzawa: Sustaining Friendship- Managing the Garden
Keiji Uesugi: Sustaining the Tradition- New Design at the JFG

11:45 AM-12:45 PM: Lunch

Session (A): Patterns for Peace- Japanese Artists Express a Desire for World Peace using Karesansui Gardens in the U.S. 
Martin McKellar, Pat Postma, Daniel Hirshberg, David Rettig, Nick Esthus

Session (B): Adaptation 
Takuhiro Yamada: Regional Characteristics of Japanese Gardens
Nami Ogura: The Transition of Japanese Horticulture within the Modern Period: Focusing on the Trend in Kyoto
Brian Pendleton: The Gardens of (and for) Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn)- From Matsue, Shimane to New Orleans, Louisiana to Tramore, Ireland

Hands-On Workshops: (Time TBD)
-Pine Pruning Observation
*Preregistration will be required and will open in October.

Session (A): Public Garden Programs & Education

Session (B): Sustaining Wellness I
Yasunori Mori: Japanese Gardens Enhance our Creativity and Organizational Performance
Junko Liesfeld: The Significance of Having a Private Japanese Garden in Your Life
Yoshiaki Kagami: The Way of Tatami

Session (C) Stone Lanterns Walk
Takaaki Saida: About Stone Lanterns (walk)
*Preregistration will be required and will open in October.


4:15pm-5:30pm: Informal Discussions

5:30pm-7:00pm: Cocktail Hour & Opening Expo Reception (*Note: Cocktail Hour will be free with Conference Registration)

7:00-8:30pm: Banquet (Tickets to the banquet need to be purchased separately. Each ticket is $75. Click on the “Register here” tab on to purchase)

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

9-10:15am: Session (A): Collaboration

Steve Bloom: Something New, Something Old- Introducing the Institute at Portland Japanese Garden
Gregory Wittkopp: Sustainability Through Collaboration- The Rehabilitation of the Lily Pond Cascade in Cranbrook’s Japanese Garden
Dave Rettig: Community Sustains the Garden

Session (B): Local Gardens- Practical Sustenance
Keiji Uesugi: Evaluating the Landscape Performance of Japanese Gardens in Southern California for Sustainable Solutions
Juan Pastor-Ivars: Restoring Kinship with Nature through Japanese Gardens- The Challenge to Achieve a Sustinable Commons in Kanazawa City
Kohei Owatari: Practical Methods of Japanese Garden Design and Installation in the Southern California Region

Session (A): Staying on the Path- Engaging Guests and Cultivating the Next Generation of Garden Users -John Powell, Tim Gruner, Bob Downs

Session (B): Sustaining Garden Architecture 
Dávid Sipos: Crossing Cultural Boundaries- One Bridge at a Time 
Luke Benjamin: Preserving Traditional Japanese Garden Structures in North America

Katsuyuki Nakagawa & Howard Yamamoto: Japanese Gardens and “Kominka”


Session (A): Sustaining Wellness II
-Catherine Marsh: Renewing Lives- Providing Purpose
-Dr. Tia Ho: Your Health Connects to Ecosystem Health
-Mari Jarvis: A Managed Bee Hive at the Japanese Friendship Garden

Session (B): Cultural Preservation of Historic Gardens
Saki Yamada: Gardens Designated as National Places of Scenic Beauty- Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Property Protection from the Meiji Period to the Present 
Seizo Yamana: Senseki Garden- Sustainability and Preservation
Duane Dietz: Race and Social Justice in the Master Planning of Kubota Garden

Hands-On Workshops:(Time TBD)
-Stone Arrangement Observation 
*Preregistration will be required and will open in October.

Session (A): Resilience
Josh Steffen: Turning a Brownfield into a Japanese Garden
Lara Netting: Japanese stroll garden and Georgian manor house, red leaf maples and highbrush blueberries: understanding Natalie Hammond’s mid-20th century estate and attracting 21st century visitors. 
Bill Castellon: Building Gardens with Japanese Professionals in the U.S. 

Session (B)
Hiroo Kurano: The Special Relevance of Sukiya Architecture for North American Japanese Gardens- Part Two

Session (C) (2:45pm-3:15p and 3:30pm-4:00pm) 
-Dr. Tia Ho (Mindfulness Walk)
*Preregistration will be required and will open in October.

Closing Plenary: Award Showcase 


Friday, November 5th, 2021

9-10:15am: Morning Plenary:

NAJGA- The next 10 years! 

Session (A): Towards the Creation of a European Japanese Garden Network
Jean-Pierre Chavassieux: The Significance and Role of the European Japanese Garden Network
Yoko Mizuma: Intent to Join the European Japanese Garden Network and Future Activities & Plans
Makoto Suzuki: Past and Future of European Japanese Gardens- Expectations and Support for the European Japanese Garden Network

Session (B): Sustaining Your Career in Horticulture 
Emily Fronckowiak: Sustaining Your Career as a Gardener
Maryann Lewis: Pruning Techniques for a Resilient Tree and Pruner
Grant Foerster: 

Session (A): Islands of Health- Japanese Garden Program Models for Sustaining Well-Being and Resilience
Bob Downs Psychological Skills for Health, Well-Being, and Resilience
Jeanne Carbone- Benefits of the Journey and Methods to Expand Concepts Beyond the Japanese Garden
Patricia Lieh- Tailoring the Design of a Garden Walking Program Through the Addition of Culturally- Inspired Movement

Session (B): Going Green- Best Practices
Nicole LaPlante: Using Ecological Models as Guides for Long-Term Garden Success
Katherine H. Kerin: Timeliness and Timely- Garden Ideas from Innisfree

Hands-On Workshops (Time TBD)
-Maintenance of Wood Structures
-Landscape Photography
*Preregistration will be required and will open in October.

Session (A): Japanese Gardens in Siberia and Beyond
Koichi Kobayashi: Adopting Concept and Principles of the “Japanese Garden” for Tomorrow

Session (B): Sustaining Plants & Design
Kenneth Lamb: Preserving the Essence of Classic Garden Scenery Through Oriental Pruning and Garden Maintenance
Peter Putnicki:Seattle Japanese Garden’s Shoreline Restoration Project
Barrie Agar: Invasion by Nature- and How to Encourage It

Closing Plenary- Sustainability for Japanese Gardens
-Prof Kimiko Gunji & Tim Gruner