Past Virtual Programs

Past Virtual Lectures 


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The Evolution of a Story: Time and Technology
in the History of the Japanese Tea Garden,
Thur Aug. 27

In the 1990s Professor Kendall Brown studied the tangled history of the Japanese Tea Garden (JTG) in San Francisco—the oldest public Japanese garden in North America. His research led to the article “Rashômon: The Multiple Histories of the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park.” Decades later JTG Gardener, Steven Pitsenbarger, has continued this research. Steven has uncovered exciting pieces that add to this story using both traditional and new digital research methods. 

In this lecture, Professor Brown and Steven Pitsenbarger discussed the evolution of the JTG’s history as well as research methods applicable to any garden. They also shared their research using many historical photos and examined how understanding this garden’s history contributes to it’s operation today and, more broadly, how history contributes to sustaining gardens now.

Poetry and the Japanese Garden,
Thur. July 23

In this lecture, Dr. Seiko Goto lectured on Japanese poetry and its relationship to Japanese gardens, comparing the relationship between poetry and English gardens. Dr. Goto is Professor at the School of Environmental Science at Nagasaki University where her teaching includes various topics on Japanese gardens. She has published extensively on the subject and is an academic expert on Japanese garden history and the healing effects of its design. 

Stroll for Well-Being- Part I, Wed. June 17 

In this webinar, participants learned about the Morikami Museum & Japanese Garden’s “Stroll for Well-Being” program. This program, the oldest of its type among NAJGA members, is now in its 12th year and utilizes therapeutic walks in the garden to promote participant well-being. It is research based and highly effective. 

Speakers: Dr. Ruth McCaffrey, Dr. Patricia Liehr, Carolina Gaviria and Diane Garland. Dr. Ruth McCaffrey and Dr. Patricia Liehr were both professors at Florida Atlantic University’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at the time this program came to fruition. They were actively involved in the initial research study that led to the development of the program and were active facilitators. Carolina Gaviria and Diane Garland have been involved in the program as facilitators for the last three years. 

Stroll for Well-Being- Part II, Wed. June 24 

In this informational webinar on Morikami’s “Stroll for Well-Being” program, Wendy Lo, Curator of Education, discussed the program’s logistics, budget, and fundraising efforts.