Senior Horticulturist- Japanese Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is looking for a horticulturist that is interested in being part of a team caring for one of the largest Japanese Gardens in North America. Ranked among the top ten Japanese Gardens in the U.S., it is modeled after the 17th century stroll garden and incorporates in its design dry gardens, tea gardens, and hill gardens. An excellent opportunity where horticulture and art come together.

As a Horticulturist in the Japanese Garden, a typical day might look like:

  • Hand pruning of shrubs to maintain their health and ensure proper proportion in the landscape composition.
  • Sculpting and manicuring pines and other trees to enhance their aged appearance and accentuate their form.
  • Cleaning dry landscapes and creating patterns to maintain their pristine and contemplative quality.
  • Answer pruning questions from visitors.
  • Talk to visitors about the history, the philosophy, and the aesthetics of Japanese gardens.
  • Talk about the history of our Japanese garden.

You might even get to do fun stuff like:

  • Take a boat ride out to two inaccessible islands to perform pruning, weeding, and grass cutting.
  • Move and set boulders using traditional lifting and stone setting methods.
  • Build traditional fences using natural materials and bamboo.

Click on this link for a full job description and to apply.