Journal # 6
-Japanese Gardens in the Modern Era- Ogawa Jihei VII
-A Musical Composer and a Karesansui Gardener Join Forces
-A Garden of Pleasure and Delight: The History and Restoration of Cowden Japanese Garden, Scotland

Journal # 5
-Japanese Gardens in Europe: Creating a National Icon through Cultural Translation- Christian Tagsold
-The Influence of Japanese Design on Australian Architecture and Gardens- Ken Lamb
-The Garden of the Adachi Museum of Art as a Global Phenomenon- Miyuki Katahira Manabe

Journal # 4
-The Art of the Japanese Boat- Douglas Brooks
-Garden Rooms with a View- Leslie Buck
-The Archaology of the Entrway Gardens of Amache- Bonnie Clark

Journal # 3
-Japanese Gardens in the Modern World- Hoichi Kurisu
-The Special Relevance of Sukiya Architecture for North American Japanese Gardens- Hiroo Kurano
-A Tour of Moss Gardens in Japan and North America- Dale Sievert

Journal # 2
-Articles about Centennial Gardens
-Articles about Garden Ponds
-Articles about Manzanar’s Japanese Gardens