The NAJGA Journal Committee invites submission of photos and/or brief comments and updates from our member gardens and individuals on the impact of COVID-19.
Submission Guidelines:
Please send all material for the Journal as word / .docx or .jpg files attached to an email (NOT from iPhones or to Dropbox) directly to:
Topics/Focus: Submissions that cover overall issues are welcome as are ones that address a specific impact on one or more of (some overlap below):
– services: opening, closing, limited operations
– visitor services: special events, revenue streams
– staff: layoffs, redeployment
– maintenance and upkeep
– construction and expansion plans
– administration: long range plans, financial issues, supply chains
– liaison and cooperation with other groups and organizations
– international relations and contacts
– health and wellness initiatives
– etc ….
Length: Approximately 250 – 500 words … but longer pieces are also welcome. (The form and style of the Journal article will depend on the number and variety of submissions)
Photos: 2 or 3 photos maximum. Please select your ‘best’ ones as we will have space for only a few, high-resolution images with each article. Send photos as .jpg files attached to a separate email (NOT in the body of the text article itself)
Format: Text sent as word / .docx files attached to an email (NOT from iPhones or to Dropbox) directly to Also, no .pdf submissions. 
*All submissions will be subject to review and approval by the Journal’s Editorial Committee.