Bringing communities together in Japanese gardens to promote peace.

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Gardens for Peace 2021

Gardens for Peace


Gardens for Peace (G4P) is a new NAJGA project that brings communities together in Japanese gardens to promote peace. 14 North American gardens will participate in G4P’s inaugural year. Activities at participating gardens will take place around September 21st, International Day of Peace.


Follow along with us as we post regularly and share inside looks into the story of the project, explore Japanese gardens as conduits for peace, and spotlight our community involvement around peace efforts through G4P this year.


Through the warm inclusion of community organizations in this project, G4P aims to bring Japanese Gardens and local community members together to inspire inner peace by connecting with others working towards peace.


Be sure to watch our Livestream (schedule forthcoming) on September 18th to enjoy each Garden and their partner community group peace project.


G4P’s precursor, Patterns for Peace, brought together five karesansui gardens in 2020. The gardens raked a peace pattern designed by Hiroshima-based artist Toshiko Tanaka, a peace activist and A-bomb survivor. Her pattern represents heiwa, or peace in Japanese. 

This year, G4P aims to expand the scope of P4P and encourage even more communities to explore Japanese arts and culture as well as Japanese aesthetics first hand. Through G4P, 14 Japanese Gardens will partner with a local organization to carry out an activity that provokes discussion and community involvement around peace efforts. G4P exists to encourage the exploration of Japanese arts and culture firsthand through the common theme of promoting peace, a long-time thread in Japanese Gardens historically.

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