Bringing communities together in Japanese gardens to promote peace.

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Gardens for Peace 2023

Gardens For Peace 2023

G4P Is For Peace

Gardens for Peace (G4P) is a NAJGA project that brings communities together in Japanese gardens to promote peace. 14 North American gardens participated in G4P’s inaugural year in 2021. This year activities at participating gardens will take place during the months of August and September. 


Join the G4P project to use your garden as a conduit for peace, and involve the community around you! Apply here.

G4P Is For Community

Through the warm inclusion of community organizations in this project, the North American Japanese Garden Association aims to bring Japanese Gardens and local community members together through G4P to inspire inner peace by connecting with others around us who are working towards peace.

G4P Is For Exploration

G4P’s precursor, Patterns for Peace, brought together five karesansui gardens in 2020. The gardens raked a peace pattern designed by Hiroshima-based artist, Toshiko Tanaka, a peace activist and A-bomb survivor. Her pattern represents "heiwa", or peace in Japanese. 

G4P exists to encourage the exploration of Japanese arts and culture firsthand through the common theme of promoting peace, a long-time thread in Japanese Gardens historically. This year, NAJGA aims to continue expanding the scope of our project and encourage even more gardens and communities to explore Japanese arts and culture for the purpose of peace together. 

Join us on September 19th via Zoom  


You can also join NAJGA in
pulling the rake for peace!

See information under "How can I participate?"

What is Gardens for Peace?

Gardens for Peace (G4P) is an annual NAJGA event. It brings communities together in Japanese gardens, both public and private, to promote peace. A peace pattern is raked into dry gardens to promote peace and involve the community. Gardens that do not have a dry garden can still join in by using the pattern in other creative ways! 

How can I participate?

Participation is easy! To join us, select an activity and complete the application here.


All G4P activities take place during the months of August and September. We ask gardens to share their projects via photo or video footage for a culminating event held via Zoom on September 19th, 2023.

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