“Adaptability and Resilience:
Sustainability in Japanese Gardens”
October 2020 San Diego, California

The North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) seeks presenters for its 2020 conference.

For over 1000 years in Japan and then around the world, Japanese gardens have evolved to serve changing users and needs. NAJGA’s 2020 biennial conference, “Adaptability and Resilience: Sustainability in Japanese Gardens,” focuses on how and why Japanese gardens are such effective models of adaptability and resilience. It also asks how we can help sustain these gardens even as they sustain us. The conference will be held from October 16th through October 20th, 2020, at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, California. It will feature lectures and hands-on workshops as well as pre- and post-conference garden tours.

Submission deadline: November 1st, 2019

What topics are we looking for?

The conference will focus on sustainability in and for Japanese gardens. Presentations may explore sustainability from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to: sustaining the art and craft of Japanese gardens, the sustainability of public gardens, environmental sustainability through green practices, and gardens as environments for sustaining human health and wellness.
Who should present (and attend)?
Anyone interested in the horticulture, human culture and business culture of Japanese gardens, including garden managers, designers, landscapers, horticulturalists, green businesses, educators, students, Japanese cultural arts enthusiasts, and backyard gardeners. All will have opportunities to learn and share. 

What is NAJGA?
The North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) promotes the sustainability of Japanese gardens in North America and beyond. Through education, professional development, and academic research, NAJGA builds a network of industry professionals and garden enthusiasts to create and sustain gardens that better serve the needs of individuals and society.

Submissions will be evaluated by these criteria:

  1. Relevance and clarity: Learning objectives are directly related to the conference theme.
  2. Practical application: Provides take-away knowledge.
  3. Innovation: Addresses emerging trends, methods, and technologies.
Submission Guidelines:
Proposals should answer all questions. There are two proposal formats:
  1. Individual presentations (25 minutes), based on a single focused topic
  2. Thematic panels with 3 presenters (75 minutes total). Submit panel theme and presenter info.

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