by Barrie Agar
The Japanese Gardens at Hatley Park

The winter storms have brought down debris upon the lakes, the paths and the garden beds. W
e are raking up the detritus from the many cedars that outline the gardens.  This is a good opportunity to re-gravel the many paths throughout the gardens, without the insistent call of others tasks ringing in our ears. It is always a balancing act between the imperative – fallen trees, a blocked drain – and the jobs that can be let go for another week. Less obvious areas are now being weeded and cleaned in preparation for spring. The three wisteria arbours are pruned mid to late February, although the current chilly conditions have put that on hold for a week or two.  Pruning the deciduous trees and shaping is often done at this time as well, although everyone stops to see what birdlife has come in on the lake, and to admire the crystal clear water at this time of year.


*The Japanese Gardens at Hatley Park. Photos by Barrie Agar.