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What is the North American Japanese Garden Association? 

NAJGA fosters knowledge sharing, research, and collaborations within the horticultural, human, and business communities of Japanese Gardens in North America to ensure their sustainability, enduring value, and social impact.

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Enjoy the benefits of education, connection and community among Japanese Garden enthusiasts and professionals in North America!

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Participate In Our Programs

NAJGA offers national & regional sharing & networking opportunities, professional training, conferences & symposia to sustain & support the field of Japanese gardening.  These include lectures & hands-on workshops focusing on the regional resources of the event location.


Want to actually learn how to make bamboo fences, tie Japanese knots or prune pines? Join a regional workshop near you and get hands-on experience


Our monthly webinars are a rich resource covering topics about Japanese garden design, history,  and practical issues surrounding  gardens  in the west

Virtual Discussions

Network with other Japanese Garden enthusiasts as we share successes and challenges, ask questions and seek advice from one another

Delve Into Our Resources

The North American Japanese Garden Association is the go-to source for all things Japanese gardening in North America.  Explore our rich resources on Japanese gardens, covering terms, ideals, philosophies, design considerations and the craft of Japanese gardens as living art forms.

Reference Library

From design theory to the tools of the trade, our reference library is the go to resource for Japanese garden enthusiasts and professionals alike

Reference Handbook

Delve into a three-part encyclopedic overview of the entire field of study of Japanese gardens. Part 2 & 3 for members only!

NAJGA Journal

Read our annual publication about Japanese gardens written by experienced garden staff and gardening professionals 

Listen To Our


Learn from professionals and enthusiasts alike all about the art, craft and heart of Japanese gardens in the United States and Canada. Each episode is a conversation with an expert based on a monthly theme.

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Read Our Blog

Discover more on topics such as Japanese garden design,

dry garden techniques, pine pruning, stone placement, koi care and more.

The Basics on Fall Pruning for Japanese Black Pine Trees

The Basics on Fall Pruning for Japanese Black Pine Trees

Discover expert techniques for pine pruning in our comprehensive guide to fall care for Japanese Black Pine. Learn how to maintain the health and beauty of your trees with Don Pylant’s insightful tips. Explore effective pine pruning strategies today

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Enjoy the benefits of education, connection and community among Japanese Garden enthusiasts and professionals in North America!

Member Spotlight

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Oregon

Member Spotlight

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona

Member Spotlight

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach Florida

As core staff at a public Japanese Garden, I was always searching for resources in English about niche topics related to Japanese gardening. Once I found the resources and programs at NAJGA, it changed everything. Not only have they been a treasure trove of excellent information, membership has connected me with other passionate people whose shared experience and conversation have been invaluable to me!

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix Garden Staff

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