The findings from the 25 surveyed gardens in Japan, in terms of staffing, facilities, tours, interpretation and cost of visitation, will be discussed in this session alongside recommendations for US and Canadian gardens to adopt. Attendees can also learn from the experience of a US Japanese garden that has already implemented some of these best practices.
This session will demonstrate ways that a Japanese garden could enhance visitors' learning experience with the use of technology. Panelists will discuss challenges and outcomes of the project and offer insight into how technology can play a role in engaging and educating visitors.  

A Survey of Garden Visitor Services in Japan and Recommended Best Practices for the North American Setting

PRESENTER: Kim Andrews (Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens) DATE / TIME: October 17, 9 AM to 9:45 AM                          
VENUE:  Linnaeus Room, CBG

Enhancing Visitor Experience Using Technology  

PRESENTERS: Luanne Kanzawa & Marisa Takeuchi (Japanese Friendship Garden Society in San Diego), Wesley Hsu (Balboa Park Online Collaborative)           DATE / TIME: October 18, 3 PM to 4:30 PM  
VENUE:  Pullman Room, CBG

Stones and Strategy: "Sakuteiki" Indicates How To Find Firms' Competitive Advantage

PRESENTER: Yasunori Mori (Hakuhodo, Inc.)           DATE / TIME: October 18 / 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM       VENUE:  Pullman Room, CBG

This session will investigate the blending of craft, science and art in business management by comparing corporate strategy with the workings of the Japanese garden, as envisioned in the 11th century gardening classic, Sakuteiki.

Modern Japanese Gardens Created by the Japanese Public Sector 

PRESENTER: Naoko Makita (Tokyo University of Agriculture)            DATE / TIME: October 18, 3 PM to 4:00 PM                            
VENUE: Alsdorf Auditorium, CBG

This session will provide a background of public Japanese gardens in Japan after World War II and the features of such gardens created by the public sector. It will also offer comparisons with Japanese gardens outside of Japan and a report on the process of landscape development, administrative management, usage, roles and issues associated with these gardens.

The Adachi Method: Garden Excellence and Unparalleled Guest Experience

PRESENTER: John Powell (Weatherford Gardens) 

DATE / TIME: October 17, 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM VENUE: Alsdorf Auditorium, CBG

At the core of this session is a short film that examines the workplace and the high level of commitment among the staff at the Adachi Museum of Art in Yasugi, Japan.  This presenter will provide a point of view based on his personal experience as the first westerner selected to train with the museum's garden staff.
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