Byodo-in Revealed! 

PRESENTER: Dr. Takahiro Naka (Kyoto University of Art and Design) 
DATE / TIME: October 17, 9 AM to 10 AM                  VENUE: Alsdorf Auditorium, CBG     








This session will outline the history of the gardens at the Manzanar National Historic Site, describe current research and restoration efforts, and evaluate the gardens as examples of Japanese art. It will also discuss how the gardens provided hope and healing during the internment and how the restoration is continuing to provide that same sense of hope, healing and cultural understanding today.
This session will re-trace the steps of these early American garden pilgrims who were able to view gardens later damaged or destroyed by the war. It will provide insights on the relationship of the visitors and their Japanese hosts as well as on the tour's impact on garden development in later years.

Beauty Behind the Barricades:Japanese Gardens in World War II Internment Camps

PRESENTER: Jeff Burton (Manzanar National Historic Site, National Park Service)                         DATE / TIME: October 16 / 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM VENUE: Pullman Room, CBG                                                     

"Submerged By the Nobler Desire..." Observations, Analysis and Reflection On Visitng Japanese Gardens: The Garden Club of America Tour To Japan, May, 1935 

PRESENTER: Brian Pendleton (Langara College)           DATE / TIME: October 16 / 11 AM to 12 PM
VENUE: Linnaeus Room, CBG                

The Amazing Life and Legacy of Handa Taki (1871-1956): Horticulturist, Serendipitous Garden Designer, Teacher 

PRESENTER: Dr. Jill Raggett (Writtle College)            
DATE / TIME: October 16 / 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM  
VENUE: Linnaeus Room, CBG       

This session will provide an educational and entertaining look at the first Japanese woman who studied horticulture in Britain, thereby figuring in the early history of Japanese gardens in the British Isles, and was one of the first to appreciate the therapeutic powers of the garden through a personal epiphany.

Noble and Strict "Niwashi": The Life and Work of Taiami Tanaka 

PRESENTER: Kazuo Mitsuhashi (The Garden Society of Japan)       DATE / TIME: October 17, 11 AM to 12 PM                                   VENUE:  Linnaeus Room, CBG

This session will introduce North American audience to Taiami Tanaka, a designer and builder who lived from the Taisho to the Showa period and is renowned for his ability to successfully integrate Japanese garden and architecture. 
This session will talk about the significance to garden design and general cultural knowledge of this UNESCO World Heritage Site's recently uncovered history, and moving forward, the socio-economic impact of restoring this historic structure to the modern community surrounding it.
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The After-Life Of Japanese Gardens Created for International Expositions

PRESENTER: Takuhiro Yamada (Hanatoyo Landscape Co. Ltd.)      DATE / TIME: October 18, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM                                 VENUE: Alsdorf Auditorium, CBG    

This session will discuss the past, present and possible future management of some of the Japanese gardens in Europe and North America  that have been specifically created as showcases of Japanese culture in international expositions since the late 19th century. It is the presenter's hope that this discussion can stimulate further research into gardens like these that have perhaps been forgotten over the years.