• Japanese Woodworking Skills & Traditional Hand Tools

Japanese Woodworking Skills & Traditional Hand Tools

  • 13 Aug 2013
  • 16 Aug 2013
  • Oakland California

Building Traditional Skills Program:

3 days hands-on shop work, overview of tool making, tea house construction, wood restoration, and woodcraft

1) traditional tool selection, prep and use
2) safe 'best practices'
3) background on tool manufacture and technology
4) workplace set-up
5) edge tool sharpening
6) familiarization of traditional joinery forms, practices and historic cultural shifts
7) hands-on techniques, ideas and challenges
8) overview of basic joinery principles
9) developing a progressive work discipline

Site visits to:

1) San Francisco Tea Garden, CA
2) Hakone Japanese Garden, Saratoga, CA
3) San Jose Nihonmachi and new Japanese American Museum
4) Kohan-en, Oakland, CA
5) Hidatools, Berkeley, CA

Hosted by Daiku Dojo (Japanese Carpenter Hall for Training, Practicing) Oakland, California