• TWO-DAY REGISTRATION: Workshop, Private Garden Visit & Garden Tour

TWO-DAY REGISTRATION: Workshop, Private Garden Visit & Garden Tour

  • Friday, August 07, 2015
  • (CDT)
  • Saturday, August 08, 2015
  • (CDT)
  • Various locations in and around Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN


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Register for all three events during the two-day period: 

1. Skills development workshop

2. Residential garden visit 

3. Japanese garden education tour.


Broad vision and acute attention to details are both required to keep the Japanese garden looking its best all year round and for many years to come.  

In this workshop, participants will learn therequired gardener tasks for the different seasons of the year and how to establish specific goals that will enhance the presentation of the Japanese garden. 

The workshop will cover the following: 

Session 1: Maintaining a High Quality Japanese Garden. Attention to required garden tasks throughout the year will be covered by explanation and hands-on participation. Session include shearing of karikomi (wave planting), deciduous tree pruning, pine maintenance and other tasks. Also includes explanation and use of required tools. 

Session 2: Introduction to the Tea Garden. An examination of the elements of the tea garden and tea house, including design theory, construction and maintenance. 

Session 3: Tobi-ishi (stepping stones) & Nobedan(stone paving). Hands-on practice of the proper layout and installation of stepping stones as well as construction of a short section of nobedan. Special consideration will be given of nobedan construction with or without mortar. Session includes an explanation of required tools and instruction on selecting the preferred types of stone for garden paving. 

Session 4: Working with Bamboo. This session will draw on the two main bamboo features at Como Park's main garden and tea garden: the nanako fencing used to keep guests on the path, and the yotsume gaki used to surround the area of the tea garden. Participants will learn to prepare, cut, split and tie the bamboo. Explanation of tools specific to working with the bamboo will also be presented. 


As owners of a Modernist House designed by American architect Ralph Rapson (1914-2008), NAJGA members Jack and Linda Hoeschler commissioned garden designer David Slawson to create a landscape that would integrate the house with its surroundings. TheHoeschler residence is an excellent example of thesukiya living concept where Japanese garden design principles are applied to a residential setting and rooms are integrated with the garden. Guests will hear insights and commentaries by Dr. Slawson and other special guests. 


Guests will learn about the design characteristics defining the Japanese garden style and how adaptability to climate can be achieved through plant choice. Care of Japanese gardens will be covered. Four distinct styles of Japanese gardens: Hill and Pond, Dry Landscape, Stroll Garden, and Pleasure Boating Garden will be discussed in the context of how these styles are reflected in the Minnesota gardens. Guests will also be introduced to the Japanese garden's impact on health and wellness, and how it can be utilized for therapy and meditation.